Increasing Importance of Industrial Data with Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation

Each production facility produces some data as it continues production, but what happens to this data? How will Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation evaluate this data? Although modeling industrial data may seem difficult, it is definitely not. HighByte Intelligence Hub is designed to meet all your needs.

Industry 3.0 and "automatization" brings lots of industrial data with them, but manufacturers or facility owners not understand the importance and not gaining any favour or profit. There are numerous examples of evaluating industrial data via ERP, MES or SCADA, so above situation is not valid for every manufacturer. But if there is one thing that digital transformation brings, these applications are no longer enough. We certainly can't say that we should throw these software's away, these applications have a very important place in business life and losing them can take us all back.

Direction of the Industry 4.0 is determined more or less. We are using below infographic when we talk about Industry 4.0 journey.


We can assume that automation part is already handled by Industry 3.0. KEPServerEX welcomes us when we came to Connectivity part. KEPServerEX already prove itself and keep proving. Simply, makes any automation system visible without any limitation. So far, everything is progressing normally and smoothly, but as you can see in the graph, the visibility is not enough.

Right now, we have to understand data and create value from them. We have to consider different factors together, so we get maximum efficiency and eliminate unwanted possibilities.  With the increase in the number of data sources, the ISA-95 data model that we have been using for years is starting to lose its value.

Today, any database, smart sensor, QMS, CMMS or any IoT application need/send data to anywhere. This need brings us this concept "Unified Namespace". So, what is this Unified Namespace at all? Basically, it is a data lake that each data consumer and data source able to use for communicating. Consumers procure as much data as they need from this pool.

HighByte Intelligence Hub step in here and giving you control of the Unified Namespace. Gathers and combine data's, contextualize and enrich data, so everyone can understand easily. It proves you that there isn't any limitation to enrich data by its skills. You can write own custom functions or nested models. Only thing you have to do is decide what you want to do.

Thanks to HighByte, you can share your data models with layers of Industry 4.0 such as Transparency, Predictive Capacity or Adaptability and open the door of detailed analysis. Therefore, any non-OT engineer like IT or data scientist save time and easily adapted to industrial data. The other thing that HighByte present you is controlling all the data flow on one platform. In case of any emergency, you can find the problem easily and take action to solve this problem.


If you are wondering how, you can use the HighByte Intelligence Hub, we will be happy to assist you. We are just a phone call or an e-mail away.